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Adapt Solutions Est.2007

Adapt Solutions designs and develops asset management software for office and in-field use. At Adapt we produce implementation tools that mean a faster deployment without compromising solution quality. We create software landscapes that welcome change and promote collaboration with our customers. We're solution focused.

adapt asset

manage all asset types.

adapt model

model all asset management scenarios.

adapt task

manage reactive work, planned work and projects.

adapt inspect

manage and perform complex inspections.

adapt contract

manage multiple physical works contracts.

adapt mobile

deploy fit-for-purpose in-field capability.

Featured configurations

Adapt provides best of breed asset management software. We deliver this to customers with basic asset management aspirations right up to advanced requirements. Here are some of the implementations using Adapts software platform (Xivic).

Bridge Management

Adapt worked alongside an engineering firm specialising in bridge inspections to develop and test the Adapt Bridge Management System (BMS). The system manages the complete bridge inspection process through a single piece of software accessed from the field and office. This attention to detail supports asset managers in raising the standard for how bridges and…

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Electricity Pole Inspections

Working with an electricity distribution company (50,000 poles) wanting to move from traditional to risk based asset management. This approach lead to replacing single subjective condition ratings with a complex multi-criteria assessment to enable a prioritised investment programme. Adapts Mobile Asset Management System makes it possible for complex measurements and observations to be electronically captured…

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Training Needs Analysis (TNA) System for BCO’s

Manage the competency and training of Building Consent Authority employees in accordance with the Building Act. Developed in collaboration with a local authority wanting to modernise the management of building control unit staff on a platform that could respond to future compliance and performance needs. The TNA system is a centralised data model combining registers…

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Our Values


Capture data easily, share it and analyse it. Adapt builds meaningful data. Adapt software captures data accurately the first time.


All deployment scenarios are covered. Adapt software works where your assets are, where your teams operate, where your customers live.


Because of Adapts strength in integration we’re good for the whole project or for grafting onto existing systems to extend capability.


We help our clients get the best data sets. We assist them in transforming historical views into information that can shape future decision making.



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